Acocia?ia Geniul Carpa?ilor
Mihai Eminescu - Geniul Carpaților - Poet național și publicist militant, fondator al Societății Carpații.

Descriere Asociația „Geniul Carpaților”

Acociația „Geniul Carpaților”

The Association for International Friendship, Solidarity, Understanding and Co-operation “Carpathians Genius” is founded and develops its activity as a patriotic, democratic, nonprofit and public organization with important militant, cultural-instructive characteristic features, of a wide national and international comprise;

The Associations “Carpathians Genius” works according to the own autonomy principle and in close connection with all the government and non-government organizations having the same profile as well as with political and professional groups.

On international plane the goal of the Association ”Carpathians Genius” is as follows:
The promotion of traditional relations of friendship, solidarity, understanding and co-operation of the Romanian people with all the peoples from all over the world, irrespective of social and political system in order to protect the international peace, to eliminate the war and the embargo and to promote a new international economic and social order that could assure the foundation of a human society, without aggression,oppression and terror, a society that could favor equaly, the peoples from all over the world.

The international problems debates as concerning the European and international economy and politics, under the general context of globalization and the popularization of the necessary means for our country to be able to surpass as soon as possible and with the less loss, the difficulties generated by the transition process.

The achievement of a close co-operation with all the leagues and friendship foundations with Romania created abroad, with the Romanian Diaspora, with the organizations and government and non-government institutions all over the world, in order to promote friendship, solidarity, understanding and international cooperation, for a common action against freedom and environment enemies, for free circulation of persons, scientific values, culture and art, for keeping the national identity of every people and for protecting the national and international cultural patrimony, for the abolition of the atomic, bacteriological and chemical weapons as well as all the other means of en-masse extermination.

External Co-operation frame:
In order to achieve its goals, the Association “Carpathians Genius” could develop friendship, solidarity, understanding and international co-operatin relations with natural persons and corporate bodies (legal entities), as well as with government and non-government organizations from abroad, with institutios of similar profile or which have close goals,

The Association ”Carpathians Genius” could found branches both in the country and abroad, according with the laws in force and his own Statute.

The association “Carpathians Genius” could adhere or affiliate to similar associations or foundations from the country and abroad, as legal entity, according with the statutes conditions and the regulations in force.

The main actions of the Association “Carpathians Genius” at the international level:

The organization of actions that promote both peace, friendship, solidarity, understanding, international co-operation and inter-human mutual assistance on a world scale in order to be able to prevent in time the conflicts among states, to create the necessary climate so that the wars, embargo, arming and any new form of economic, financial and social colonialism should be forbidden and in the relations among states to prevail the force of justice and not justice of force.

The counteract of any activity that could diminish or scatter the capacity of national and international solidarity of Romanian people with people all over the world, the organization of socio-human, interethnic and economic rapprochement and co-operation actions in order to eliminate poverty both at the entire Romanian society and all over the world;

The initiation of programs of cooperation with specialized institutions from our country and abroad in order to offer support and social, medical, juridical and humanitarian assistance to the immigrants and their communities in Romania as well as to the Romanian emigrants and their communities existing in other countries.

The support and co-operation with government and non-government organizations from Romania and abroad in order to achieve the mutual advantageous legal frame of co-operation and assistance in the fields of activity as: technical – economic, medical, juridical, commercial, education, art, culture, science, research, environment, animals protection and other. That is way it is necessary the organization of concrete activities in all this fields, for a better knowledge and rapprochement between Romanian and foreigners specialists, or a better utilization of our skilled manpower in our country and abroad and for rapprochement and solidarity of the Romanian people with the peoples from all over the world, irrespective of their social and political system;

The support of the Romanians living abroad and of the Romanian people friends from all over the world to keep a permanent contact with our country by: media, books, theatre, symposia, sessions, conferences, congresses, mutual scholarship, students, cultural-artistic and specialist changes as well as skilled labour ones. We also have in our views mutual changes at other levels as: schooling for doctor’s degree title, college and university specialization, common camps of study and creation, scientific, economic and cultural exhibitions, the promotion of the commercial, investment, consultant, tourism and economic co-operation as well as the support and facilities for travelling and living in the country and abroad;

The Association ”Carpathians Genius” will organize: working and documentation appointments in economic, cultural and social field as well as in other fields of mutual interest, training in different fields of activity necessary to promote friendship, solidarity, understanding and international co-operation relations, round tables, caravans of friendship and solidarity, demonstrations and meetings of solidarity, friendship and protest, in country and abroad;

The Association “Carpathians Genius” will create: libraries, museums, monuments, documentation rooms, projection, recording and audition houses, radio, TV and cable programs, publishing houses, newspapers, publications, artistic, folklore, theatrical, musical and ballet groups, awarding of prizes medals, praiseworthy and memorial diploma in order to popularize the events and Romanian and foreign personalities in the country and abroad;

International problems debates as concerning European and world wide economy and politics;

Activities for collection, distribution and charity assistance in the country and abroad direct or in co-operation with specialized institutions;

Presentation in all mass-media of the concerns, activities and results got by the Association.

Constantin Crețu

Acociația „Geniul Carpaților”
Acociația „Geniul Carpaților”